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Crossing Borders for Affordable Flights

London, England was calling my name. Actually, I’ve gone and I’m back in the good ol’ USA and I’m pretty sure that now she’s calling me back.

Unfortunately, flights to Europe aren’t exactly affordable for people who serve coffee for a living. So, for a number of reasons that I am overwhelmingly thankful for, Chris and I found an alternative to the sky high cost of flying to London from Detroit in North America’s city of saving grace: Toronto, Canada.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but those Canadians made our honeymoon affordable and therefore truly are my personal saving grace.

When comparing flight prices between Detroit, Chicago, and Toronto, Toronto’s prices were literally THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper. The flight was so much cheaper that we paid gas money to drive 3 hours to the Toronto airport, $270 for 10 days of parking at said airport, a toll road, and 3 more hours back home from Toronto…and the cost saving was still significant.

So we drove through London, Canada to fly to London, England. Not too terrible when you’re excited for your trip…maybe a little terrible on the drive back (but so totally worth it).

Thanks for the cheaper flight, Toronto! P.S. Penguins rock.

Thanks for the cheaper flight, Toronto! P.S. Penguins rock.

The moral of the story is: travel is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. When planning a trip, thorough research and flexibility definitely pay off. It can be hard work and time consuming, but once you’re celebrating on your dream vacation all of that hard work will be forgotten. Or if not forgotten, it’ll seem like it really wasn’t all that horrible.

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