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Let Sedona Take Your Breath Away


It was Saturday night, and we were exhausted from a full day of driving. As darkness fell over the deserts of Arizona, we kept good faith in the GPS. By the time we reached the outskirts of Sedona, night had fallen completely and the only reference we had to our location was the little drawing […]

Can a GPS Locate a Ghost Town?

Can a GPS Locate a Ghost Town?

Route 66 was once America’s Mother Road, winding through mountains, along rivers and across great plains. Now, due to the development of the U.S. Highway system, only short segments of Route 66 remain intact. Many of these short segments are spotted with historical sites or kitchy tourist attractions that capture the essence of the great […]

I love flying.

I love flying.

LOVE it. Screaming children? Fighting over armrests and carryon space? Headsets that work only if you hold the headphone jack with your fingers the entire 6-hour flight? Seats that don’t recline? Or even better – seats with touch screen TVs on the back of the headrests, so the person sitting behind you can jab your […]

Crossing Borders for Affordable Fligh...

Crossing Borders for Affordable Flights

London, England was calling my name. Actually, I’ve gone and I’m back in the good ol’ USA and I’m pretty sure that now she’s calling me back. Unfortunately, flights to Europe aren’t exactly affordable for people who serve coffee for a living. So, for a number of reasons that I am overwhelmingly thankful for, Chris […]